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Short tour of the island by car offered upon arrival to allow taking cues

Observation of rare birds :
- Looking Lori Kuhl more commonly known as the parakeet called "Uravaero" bird with iridescent colors. The colors of its plumage are: green, yellow, light red, dark red, purple, long tail green-red, dark yellow beak and small yellow legs.
- Or the little warbler Rimatara called Oroma'o
Picnic at the beach.


- swimming,
- grill on the beach,
- walk on the beaches,
- shellfish gathering.
2000 XPF/pers.


Bike rental


Ride and tour of the island by bicycle, at your own pace.
1000 XPF/day.


2000 XPF/pers

Other things to see on the spot:
- whale watching season (July to November in general)
- excursion to Oromana plateau
- climbing Mount Uahu,
- visit archaeological and tourist sites, caving!

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