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Our bungalows, comfortable, simple and full of charm can accommodate up to 3 people. They are equipped with bathroom with hot water, beds, a sun deck and a fan.


In the restaurant, beautiful "umete" enthroned on the tables tissue recalling the grounds of "tapa". Dishes, hearty and made ​​with local products are served, the majority of products consumed from family farms or island.


Observation of rare birds, white sand beaches, the marine cemetery in the village of Amaru, climbing Mount Uahu the marae Hirirua, cave Teruatava'e the Pito: a small marae in the center of the island Bay Motuaura, the craft center, temples: Sunday Mass, the royal tombs of Amaru.


Rimatara is the smallest of the Austral Islands with only 9 km ² in area. Formerly called Nuiova, it takes its name from the morphology of its shallows.

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