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 For your family holidays or a professional job, your hosts "Hirama" and "Claudine" will be pleased to welcome you to their guesthouse: 

 Pension Ueue

(Pronounced "ouéoué)

At 15 minutes from the airport by car.

UEUE pension is located in Amaru, the main village of the island, 500 m from the administrative buildings (town hall, police station, the hospital, primary school, etc ...), a large flowered and wooded property, offers a superb setting for 4 bungalows and 1 restaurant.

Through dense vegetation all around, this is the perfect place to watch the two endemic birds of the island: The lori Kuhl or "Ura" its Polynesian name, emblem of the island, and Rimatara Warbler.


Immersed in nature, UEUE Pension is ideal for a relaxing stay and a starting point for many activities to discover in Rimatara.

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