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Rimatara, the smallest island of the Austral archipelago with its 9 km ² and 8.5 km in circumference, is located 665 miles southeast of Tahiti.
Rimatara has a special charm, with its beautiful landscapes, its many strengths, and its relaxed lifestyle. It has beautiful white sand beaches, a fringing reef, small coves adorned with " feo" ( fossilized coral ) emerging from the clear waters of the lagoon and a few cliffs, make it a destination that has nothing to envy her sisters. It will be easy to find a place to enjoy the sun and a quiet swim. In addition, the center of the island, consisting of a plate not exceeding 83 m, is conducive to the discovery on foot or bicycle, lush vegetation (trees profusely flowering plants, plantations taro, pandanus, " nono ", etc. . ), home to two rare endemic species, which will delight bird watchers but also curious warbler Rimatara and especially the " Ura " (meaning red in Polynesian ) or lori Kuhl .
Real rainbow, this parrot is easily recognizable with its bright colors : red, yellow , green and blue. She is particularly fond of bananas, lychees and kapok. Sacred in pre- European times, feathers used in the manufacture of objects of prestige reserved for the most powerful figures of the past, it is emblematic of the island and is the subject of reintroduction to Cook Islands in 2007 where it had disappeared volatile splendid, on the island of Atiu in particular.
Rimatara is also known for its unique craftsmanship that is part of the main resources of the island with copra, the " Taro ," the " nono " and pandanus then used throughout Polynesia. 3 villages of the island, Anapoto, Motuaura and Amaru, and you will discover the patient work of weaving (baskets, peue, hats, etc. . ) And the preparation of " fara " or pandanus, but also the making of seashell necklaces or " pupu " renowned for their elegance and variety of colors. Woodcarving Austral, still unknown, is of great finesse and is now taught in CJA ( Youth Teen Center) thus continues this art became rare.
There are also some tourist and archaeological sites such as caves Teruatava'e, royal tombs, the " pito " of the island and the " marae " Hirirua. Rimatara appears as a preferred destination when you are looking for tranquility and you want to get off the beaten trails to explore an island offering many charms.


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